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Our Box League provides some light hearted club competition. It is open to any full adult member of the club. 

There is no cost to enter, no prizes and no officials! However, there are some guidelines below. 

If you'd like to enter please contact June via email or call 01295 721110.

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Box League - Guidelines

  • Each “Box League” consists of four members

  • Play can be arranged at any time to suit all four players in the league box (but please check court availability and use the link to book your court)

  • The match consists of three sets - one set with each player - against the opposing pair

  • At 6-6 a normal tie break should be played. (First to 7 points with two clear points)

  • Players spin racquets or toss a coin to see who plays with who for the first round and again at the start of the second round and so on

  • Record the scores as you go

  • Results should be recorded on the 'Enter Box League Result' page of this website

  • In each box, the player with the highest score will earn promotion, the player with the lowest score will be relegated, the two in the middle will stay

  • In the event of a tie for the top or bottom places (i.e. who should be promoted or relegated) there will be a play off between the two players. A championship tie-break (first to 10 point, with 2 clear points) will determine your fate! 

  • Reserves can be used if a player is unable to play - it is the responsibility of the player to find their own reserve if unable to play

  • Reserves can only score a maximum of 10 points

  • Should a substitute/reserve and a regular player tie for bottom place the regular player will retain the place (no tie break is played)

  • Any division not completing their Box League match by the deadline will send their group straight to the bottom division!

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Player Contacts

To find the contact details of other players so you can arrange your match:

1. Go to MemberMojo (our online Membership system).

2. Enter your email address then click (you don't need a password)

3. You will soon receive a link by email, click that link to login to your personal membership page

4. Click the  button and you will see phone numbers and email for all registered players

(Privacy: only details of players registered for the Box League will be here and only players registered for the Box League can see the information).


Don't forget that you can use a substitute/reserve and still have a place in the next round. This can be someone who is playing in another league (remember subs are capped at 10 points whatever their score and may go down.)

Any questions? Just email June Ward

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