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After a break last year, we are pleased to announce the return of the Deddington Tennis Club Championship.


We are running competitions in the following categories:

  • Ladies singles

  • Men’s singles

  • Ladies doubles

  • Men’s doubles

  • Mixed doubles


Entries have now closed but this is the place to come for the latest draws and results plus the deadlines that each round is to be played by.


Juniors Competition

There will be a one day Juniors competition, the date for that is still to be confirmed. Please email if you (or your junior) are interested in entering the juniors competition.

Latest results/draw:

Ladies singles

Men's singles

Ladies doubles

Men's doubles

Mixed doubles

Original draws:

Ladies singles:

Men's singles

Ladies doubles

Men's doubles

Mixed doubles

When organising matches, if you are struggling for court time due to club sessions, coaching sessions etc, please get in touch. Similarly, if there is a reason you can’t meet the deadline for the round, let us know and we will try and work something out. We are keen for all of the tournament to be played and will find ways to work it out if there are issues. Having said that, please make your best efforts to get the matches played on time.

The deadline for each round is as follows:

Round 1 - end of June

Quarter final - end of July

Semi finals - end of August

Finals Day - Sunday September 8th


  • Matches will be best of three sets, the third set being a match tie break to 10. The Finals will be best of three full sets

  • There will be no replacements - if a player has to withdraw, the next round will be an automatic walkover for their opposition

  • When you have played your match, please record the results on the board in the clubhouse and email them to Paul (

  • Matches must be played by the deadline unless an exception has been agreed with the organisers


So, get in contact with your partner and opposition and get those matches organised! Any questions or problems, get in touch - and

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